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Medical Journals Have Long Catalogued Isolated Cases Of Individuals Who Have Miraculous Recoveries Or Spontaneous Remissions From Serious And Life Threatening Illnesses. There Are Cases Of Spontaneous Remission From Adult T-cell Leukemia (Takezako, Et All, 2000; Murakawa, Et Al, 1990), Lung Cancer (Hercbergs, 1999; Kappauf, 1997), Liver Cancer (Terasaki, 2000) And Many Others. When These Cases Are Presented, They Are Always Seen As An Abnormal Occurrence, An Example Of An Individual Who Has "beaten The Odds." In Conventional Medicine, We Don't Think Of These Cases As A Reproducible Phenomenon, As Something We Can Actually Make Or Encourage To Happen. Integrative Medicine Is Based On The Belief In The Body's Self-healing Capacity. In Integrative Medicine, The Physician's Role Is Seen As A Partnership With The Main Purpose That Of Promoting This Self-healing Capacity. Currently There Are Some Studies Into Healers Such As John Of God In Brazil Who Appears To Be A Channel For Long Dead Healers Of The Past And In Some Cases Has Been Able To Produce Miraculous Healings. While This Is Interesting, It May Be Of More Interest To Learn What We Can Do For Ourselves To Promote Healing.

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Medical journals have long catalogued isolated cases of individuals who have miraculous recoveries or spontaneous remissions from serious and life threatening illnesses. There are cases of spontaneous remission from adult T-cell leukemia (Takezako, et all, 2000; Murakawa, et al, 1990), lung cancer (Hercbergs, 1999; Kappauf, 1997), liver cancer (Terasaki, 2000) and many others. When these cases are presented, they are always seen as an abnormal

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